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First Time Applicants or License Renewals.

california-doctor-license-reinstatements-probation-modificationsIt is critical that you provide the California Medical Board with accurate background disclosures in your license application.  That is why it is important to have an experienced attorney review your license application prior to submitting it to the Board to ensure that you provide all required information.  A well worded explanation for any adverse background information can mean the difference between obtaining your license and getting a denial letter.  Providing false or misleading information in your application is grounds for the Board to deny your license.  If you have something in your background that you are unsure of how best to explain, for example, a DUI, discipline in another state, or malpractice claim, it is never a good idea to leave these negative details out of your application.  Full disclosure by way of a well-worded explanation is the best policy.  We have had a high-degree of success helping applicants get their license even with derogatory information in their background.

License Denials

Have you already applied for a California medical license and received a denial letter or Statement of Issues?  If so, it is crucial that license applicants obtain legal guidance to help develop a clear strategy on how best to respond to the Board’s rejection.  The good news is that you have the right to appeal the Board’s initial denial.  However, time is of the essence and you must preserve your appeal rights by timely returning your Notice of Defense.  Our firm can help you appeal the denial of your California medical license.

Probation Modifications

If you are currently serving a term of Board imposed probation and are practicing under restrictions, it may be possible to modify the terms of your probation after a period of time (typically 2 years).  Probation is not only expensive, but it seriously impacts a healthcare professional’s career and job prospects.  Circumstances change; it may be time to request the board to modify the current terms and conditions of your probation, especially if you have been in full compliance thus far with the terms of your probation.  

License Reinstatements

Have you surrendered your license or was your license revoked?  If so, it is critical that applicants seeking license reinstatement obtain legal guidance to help review a license reinstatement application.  It is crucial to develop a strong application packet that highlights a track record of rehabilitation to give applicants for reinstatement the best chance of regaining their professional license and ultimately save their professional career.  With proper presentation of a track record of rehabilitation, our firm can help you regain your California medical license or other professional healthcare credential.  We represent physicians and other healthcare professionals throughout all phases of licensure applications, reinstatements and appeals.

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Healthcare License Defense Quick Facts:

  • California State Medical Board Powers
  • The Accusation
  • The Hearing
  • How We Can Help
The practice of medicine and other healing arts is closely regulated in the United States. In recent years, this regulation has increased at both the state and federal levels. Licensed physicians and other health care providers face potential disciplinary actions from multitude of public and privately operated agencies and other entities, including federal entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid, DEA, and managed care organizations quality assurance boards. However, the one agency which usually maintains the power to terminate a health care professional’s license to practice remains the state medical licensing board.
If a formal accusation has been filed, one must act decisively to mount a defense to the charges. Failure to act quickly may result in forfeiture of important legal rights. Legal rights which apply in malpractice suits may not be available, or may be strictly limited, in defending one’s license to practice. For example, in most states, including California, the provider’s right to obtain discovery of the evidence against him or her is much more limited in the administrative hearing than in civil court suits; written interrogatories and oral depositions are usually not allowed.
A health care provider is entitled to a formal hearing before his or her license may be restricted or revoked, but the nature and extent of the hearing may vary depending upon the state law, as well as how one responds to the accusation in the first instance. Agencies are granted a great deal of leeway in prosecuting licensees and are accorded wide deference by the courts when their final decisions are challenged as improper or unfair. A lawyer defending a license disciplinary action on behalf of a professional health care provider must be vigilant in protecting the professional’s constitutional rights of due process and preserving all objections for purposes of appeal. A provider who defends himself throughout the formal hearing process, and then comes to the lawyer when disciplinary sanctions have been imposed and the time for appeal is already running, stands less chance in reversing the agency’s order.
The Law Firm of Marvin Firestone, MD•JD, & Associates, LLP has been helping doctors, nurses, psychologists and other healthcare professionals protect and defend their professional licenses for over 33 years. Our medical-legal experience may mean the difference in a professional’s career. By getting involved immediately after the physician or healthcare professional knows of an investigation of care, we can help to control the investigative and formal hearing process, develop the evidence needed to defend allegations, and uncover the true facts. If you are the target of an investigation or Board Accusation, don’t delay seeking the advice and counsel of a health or medical lawyer. To schedule a FREE initial phone consultation, fill out our online form or call us at 1-800-LAW-MDJD (1-800-529-6353).We serve clients throughout California.


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