Physician Employment Contract Reviews, Negotiations, & Disputes

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Physician Employment Contract Reviews, Negotiations, & Disputes

California Physician Contract Review Lawyers

Medical Employment Agreement Reviews

The Law Firm of Marvin Firestone, MD•JD, & Associates, LLP reviews and negotiates physician employment contracts, prepares contracts, helps employers and employees enforce contracts, advises on setting aside or voiding contracts, litigates contracts and restrictive covenants, especially covenants not to compete.

Our experienced lawyers protect our client's interests by reviewing physician employment contracts paragraph-by-paragraph for compliance with California and federal law and to determine whether, from a business and practical perspective, the provisions of the contract are beneficial for the doctor or the employer. We highlight all ambiguous provisions and suggest alternative language that will help in the negotiation process with the prospective employer.

Speak with an experienced lawyer who also holds an MBA in finance, giving you the competitive advantage you need during this process. Contact our law firm today for a free phone consultation to discuss your medical employment agreement. Call (650) 212-4900 or toll free (800)-529-6353 or fill out our online form.

Every client’s situation is unique and we strive to develop a comprehensive strategy designed to solve the legal issues that physicians face when entering into a contract. Our law firm is unique because our attorneys are focused specifically on the healthcare industry, and we pride ourselves on providing high quality personal service.

Physician Focused Attorneys

  • Our firm specializes in physician contract review
  • Our lawyers draft and negotiate physician employment contracts
  • Extensive experience with physician contracts in California
  • Experience reviewing contracts in all specialties.
  • A strong track record of getting employers to improve their offers for our clients.
  • Our contract review attorney also has an MBA in finance, giving him a unique understanding of the financial impact of employment agreements.

Affordable and Comprehensive Reviews of Physician Contracts

Our attorneys work hard to provide a comprehensive review in order to ensure you understand your contract and will explain any pitfalls and potential problematic areas of your contract, and highlight all clauses and paragraphs which might cause you unexpected liability in the future.

Working with a lawyer experienced in reviewing and drafting physician employment contracts will enable you to better negotiate from a position of knowledge to obtain a more favorable agreement with your prospective employer.

  • We are happy to review your employment contract in-person at our office, or we can review it with you by phone.
  • We are available to meet or discuss your contract by phone after normal business hours or on weekends.
  • If you have several different employment offers, we can help you evaluate which offer is best for you and your family in the long run.
  • We can also help negotiate the terms of the contract on your behalf at an additional hourly rate.
  • We will help uncover “nasty’ terms that are often buried in your contract and help get them removed.

Helping Physicians Throughout California Evaluate Employment Agreements for Over 40 Years

It is important to review your proposed employment agreement before you sign on the dotted line. Most physician contracts are negotiable and our experienced lawyers can help you obtain the best deal possible. Each contract is unique, especially when it comes to compensation. Michael A. Firestone, MBA, JD is an attorney who also holds an MBA in finance, giving him a unique understanding of the serious challenges you face, and more importantly, giving you a competitive advantage in the pursuit of the best possible outcome.

  • Let us answer your questions about non-compete clauses.
  • Let us help evaluate the offer as presented and point out all potential pitfalls that lurk in the terms of the agreement.

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The attorneys at the Law Firm of Marvin Firestone, MD•JD, & Associates, LLP are here for you. Fill out our online form right now or give us a call at our San Francisco Bay Area law office at (650) 212-4900 or toll free (800)-529-6353 for a free initial consultation to discuss the specifics of your employment contract. We charge an affordable flat fee that is based on the length of your medical employment contract. We serve clients nationwide for physicians seeking legal help in California.

Physician Contract Review Attorneys


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